Collecting information for a healthier America

The American Family Health Study: An Overview

The AFHS focuses on a special group of households from across the United States that has been randomly selected to take part in an important new study aimed at assessing the health of American individuals and families in 2020. Randomly selected households initially receive a link enabling a household member to complete a short questionnaire online, where we will collect some simple information about the people who usually live in the sampled household. Sampled households will receive $2 as a token of our appreciation for completing this initial questionnaire.

When we receive the information back from a sampled household, if someone in the household is eligible for the main study, then we will randomly select one person to participate in the study. As an additional token of our appreciation for participating in the main study, the selected household member may receive up to $70 for their participation.

The randomly selected person in the household will be asked to complete a short survey online at their convenience. The survey will ask questions about family life, marriage and divorce, having and raising children, health and health care, and related topics. All responses will be strictly confidential, and saved in a secure location for statistical analysis purposes only. The information collected will be used for scientific research designed to help improve health services and health education programs in the United States.

Individuals selected for the main study will receive up to $70 in total for participating in this study. We are grateful for all of our study participants!